Spencer & Virginia at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, NE Circa 2001

Hi I’m Spencer. Pictured above is myself and my amazing wife Virginia. We’re crazy about live music! Since 2000, we’ve been going to live events all across the U.S. We’ve traveled to Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and many other cities to see our favorite bands. We are die-hard Deftones fans, but we’re also fond of AFI, Coheed & Cambria, The Hives, The Faint, MXPX, Hatebreed, The Fever 333, and many many more.

For several years, Virginia has encouraged me to share the stories that we’ve collected on our concert adventures. As I thought about how I wanted the blog to be structured, I looked over our giant collection of ticket stubs and reminisced about all the awesome fans we’ve met and the conversations we’ve had. For me personally, getting into the crowd and making new connections is almost more fun than the music itself. As I report on new shows, I’ll be sharing not just my take on the bands and the music played, I’ll be taking note of the faces I meet and the incredible “Stories From The Crowd.”

Spencer and Virginia 2017



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