Deftones Tease New Album


Deftones recently posted new pictures from the studio! In 2017, the band had a very light touring schedule, only playing 46 shows. Let’s hope they used some of that time to start crafting their next incredible record.

Over the past ten years, Deftones have released three albums, taking about three years in between each to write and record. Thier last album “Gore” was released in April 2016. This is just a personal theory, but judging by that timeline they are probably gearing up to start a new record, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Deftones latest effort “Gore” was a solid release with several standout tracks including “Hearts and Wires,” “Prayers/Triangles,” “Acid Hologram,” and “Phantom Bride (featuring Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains).” If you haven’t had the chance, I would highly recommend you give it a listen.

If you can afford international travel, you can catch them on the dates listed below.



Hopefully, Deftones will find some time between writing and recording to play some U.S. dates this year! I’ll be monitoring this story closely, so make sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates!

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